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For the past 10 years our Foundation, consisting of passionate volunteers, has supported the ambitious young people in Malaŵi, with the aim to lessen their poverty. We have achieved this by creating jobs and generating income. With a small income all children get a chance to go to school and with an education these children will have a better chance to get a job in the future. Medicine against malaria should be payable for a healthier life. Together with our project partner we have managed to construct the "Training and Development Center" in Chipoka, near the beautiful Lake Malawi and were able to raise the funds to realise this goal in five years time. The center was built by the Malawians themselves with their own materials and a small local contribution. Every building stone being a step towards a promising and sunny future, like a dream come true. At the moment we support three (of 6) orphan girls with the final years' school fees and on a smaller scale the rural village Matumba. Land locked Malaŵi belongs to the poorest countries in the world where a person has less than 1 euro a day to spend. With your support we have assisted the young people in Malaŵi to move a step forward into the right direction. Thank you very much! Zikomo kwambiri!


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